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Set 4 - for all drawers and pull out drawers

productNumber: ACBS038

small box with cover
small box
medium size box with cover
medium size box
large box with inlay
ABS plastic, Black high gloss
inlay / cover acryl, Black matt

Available fronts

Thermoform anthracite high glossThermoform basalt grey mattThermoform hacienda creamThermoform hacienda blackThermoform dark cherry decorThermoform marone truffle decorThermoform Velvet walnut decorThermoform white high glossThermoform white mattThermoform-frame anthracite high glossThermoform-frame basalt grey mattThermoform-frame hacienda creamThermoform-frame hacienda blackThermoform-frame dark cherry decorThermoform-frame marone truffle decorThermoform-frame velvet walnut decorThermoform-frame white high glossThermoform-frame white matThermoform Cashmere oak decorThermoform dark oak decorThermoform flanelle oak decorThermoform Merino oak decorThermoform-frame cashmere oak decorThermoform-frame dark oak decorThermoform-frame flanelle oak decorThermoform-frame merino oak decor

Available handles

Handle 125Knob 12Bar handle C14Knob G0009Bar handle G0031Bar handle M04bow handle S04Handle G0094Bar handle P95Bar handle G0090Long line handle G0028bow handle G0130Bar handle G0140Handle G0150Recessed grip G0160Bow handle G0129Bow handle 485Handle G0116Long line handle G0124