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Utensil box

productNumber: ACBJ018
Measurement: 186x57x242mm

2 compartments
1 insert made of wood with longitudinal grooves
metal, black powdered
bottom verlours black
Insert made of wood walnut

Available finishes

Lacquer champagne high glossLacquer sand mattLacquer champagne mattLacquer dark grey high glossLacquer dark grey mattLacquer grey high glossLacquer grey mattLacquer light red high glossLacquer light red mattLacquer light grey high glossLacquer light grey mattLacquer sand high glossLacquer reed high glossLacquer reed mattLacquer white high glossLacquer white mattVeneer light oak finelineVeneer light grey oak fineline

Available handles

Handle G0100Handle G0106Handle G0102Form handle G0107


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