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rc40 Room Concept is burgbad's top of the range bathroom furniture system.

You can buy individual pieces such as sideboards or vanity units. Or you can use several elements together, for example by combining the bathtubs and vanity units with mirror cabinets and cabinet units.

Or you design the entire room with rc40 units and walls. None of the plumbing fittings remain visible.

The dimensions are customisable, and the furniture comes in a wide range of finishes and colours.


The rc40 walls are an important design element. Customised units are constructed from front and back walls. They serve as room dividers or are free-standing when connected to toilets, bathtubs and vanity units. Mirror cabinets and other cabinet elements can be integrated into the walls. None of the plumbing fittings remain visible.


Choosing the right vanity unit and bathtub is a decision that is not only based on practicality. The design you choose communicates your own unique style. Our vanity units, counter top sinks and bathtubs are made from low maintenance cast mineral.


Mirrors and mirror cabinets integrate seamlessly into the furniture system or are presented as practical, beautifully designed accent pieces with clever lighting solutions.

› Mirror cabinet

with LED lights at the sides and LED vanity unit lighting, dimmable

› Mirror cabinet

with interior light

› Mirror cabinet

with anti-glare LED light

› Mirror cabinet

with functional panel incl. switch, socket, magnifying mirror

› Mirror cabinet

with LED-light, wall installation possible

› Mirror cabinet

with LED-ight, mirrored door with tip-on-technique

› Mirror cabinet

with storage doors and all-round LED interior lighting

› RL40 Room Light

The new mirror cabinet with lighting controls


The furniture system rc40 combines design with interior architecture. What renowned experts say about rc40:

Ulli Finkeldey and Kai Uetrecht (right) from nexus product design in Bielefeld are considered bathroom product experts.

Ulli Finkeldey: "rc40 makes it possible to create island solutions, which is not only practical and innovative but also in keeping with a contemporary style. The system could potentially become a classic."

Kai Uetrecht: "rc40 is a calm, self-contained product. The plain, elegant design allows the furniture to be used in many different ways, for example for walk-in wardrobes or for connecting an en suite bathroom to the bedroom with wall-mounted cabinets."

Stuttgart-based architects Henning Ehrhardt and Giorgio Bottega (right) from Bottega + Ehrhardt Architekten love room concepts.

Henning Ehrhardt: "For me as an architect, rc40 is exciting because the system allows free-standing designs, away from the wall. Another added value is that all of the technology is hidden inside the furniture or unit."

Giorgio Bottega: "This furniture system allows me to design a bathroom in a way that I would usually only be able to do with drywalls. rc40 gives me the walls and the fittings all in one, which is cost-efficient."


Ramona and Hans Singers had their bathroom fitted and furnished with rc40.
We visited the couple at their house in Lugano and asked them to share their experiences with us.

You moved into a very modern house and chose rc40 elements to furnish your bathroom. Why?

Her: "My husband and I love unconventional things; we need plenty of freedom in everything we do. The system rc40 allowed us to combine the fittings and furniture in precisely the way we needed them."

What impressed you most about the system rc40?

Him: "The high quality and finish of the things, and the system's flexibility. For example, there is a huge choice of finishes. It is also important to us that things are manufactured in an eco-friendly way. burgbad manufactures in Germany. We liked that."

You have opted for a very generously-sized bathroom. Why?

Him: "For us, the bathroom is a place of well-being where we spend a lot of time. It has to be just as perfect for our needs as our living room, for example."


rc40 is a customisable furniture system. This means that within certain basic dimensions, the individual elements such as vanity units, shelves, cabinets and mirror cabinets are all available in customised sizes. Each element is made to order especially for you at our factory in Germany.

Buying rc40
The rc40 system is complex and diverse. Due to the huge range of choices, you should consult a professional. A local specialist bathroom retailer is the place to turn to; they will assist you with planning your bathroom. You order your furniture from them, or even commission them with the design and fitting of your bathroom.

Sustainability and the environment are important to burgbad. Our bathroom furniture is made only from timber materials sourced from sustainably managed forests. Made in Germany. Read more.

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