Welcome to our bathroom world.

A bathroom is more than just one room among many. It’s a retreat, a wellness temple, a room for transforming yourself and a place for experiences – all rolled into one. From functional guest bathrooms to open-plan bathrooms that form an integral part of the living space: burgbad has been providing fascinating possibilities and unusual ideas for bringing the bathroom to life for more than 50 years.

A glimpse behind the scenes

That’s why we’ve decided to dedicate a special platform to the numerous facets of our “favourite subject”: our own blog. In future, we’ll be giving you a glimpse behind the scenes so you can see just how much passion and expertise goes into every single piece of our bathroom furniture. We’ll show you what’s trending in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and how to care for or decorate your bathroom in just a few easy steps. Plus: follow your furniture’s journey all the way from our production site to your own four walls – and much, much more besides.

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As you can see, there’s plenty to talk about. At regular intervals, our staff, clients, partners and designers, as well as influential trendsetters, will be keeping our blog up to date with fascinating articles and interesting background information. And we want you, our readers, to be a permanent part of it too. We look forward to hearing your comments, ideas and wants on social media – either here on our blog or on Facebook and Twitter.


So let’s get started: we can’t wait to whisk you off to our burgbad world!