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RL40 Room Light

illuminated mirror

productNumber: SP216
Measurement: 500-700x800x68mm

incl. indirect lighting top, width 465 mm, 50 Watt
light control*, below right
2200 K - 4000 K

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Available finishes

Lacquer sand mattVeneer natural bambooVeneer eucalyptusVeneer Walnut cognacLacquer anthracite high glossLacquer anthracite mattLacquer dark grey high glossLacquer dark grey mattLacquer grey high glossLacquer grey mattLacquer light red high glossLacquer light red mattLacquer light grey high glossLacquer light grey mattLacquer sand high glossLacquer reed high glossLacquer reed mattLacquer white high glossLacquer white mattVeneer Authentic oakVeneer light oak finelineVeneer light grey oak finelineVeneer light grey oakVeneer Mahogany red oakVeneer natural oakVeneer black oakVeneer tobacco oak


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