A black on-trend bathroom for men

burgbad Kollektion rc40 als Männerbad
The black bathroom furniture that’s so on trend right now looks great with concrete or metal – a combination that a lot of men are likely to find extremely appealing.
1. July 2021

Black looks great with white. This simple truth applies equally well to the substance and design of modern architecture and a purist style as it does to the male sense of what constitutes a pleasing aesthetic. As a result, men are particularly likely to find the current interior design trend towards black in the bathroom extremely appealing. And by the way: it’s a trend that goes very well with the concrete-and-metal look as well. With burgbad, it won’t take you long to find this on-trend colour in interpretations ranging from rustic all the way to elegant. A wide range of corresponding finishes is available for almost every collection – from matt black and black oak all the way to high gloss black.

What’s more, burgbad likes to fathom the depths of different tastes that go beyond the usual norms men and women have settled on as a matter of habit. It’s said that men aren’t actually all that keen on the decorative details and harmonious tone-on-tone arrangements that women are so fond of when designing a feel-good bathroom. But since they still regard the bathroom as the woman’s territory, they usually let her call the shots in this particular domain. Because in fact, most men are far more likely to feel at home in surroundings dominated by straightforwardness, clear-cut contours and contrasts: black on white, wood and metal, round on square.

Even a garage can morph into a bathroom

Popular with men: black bathroom furniture. Seen here: burgbad’s rc40 collection
With a few accents, like an attractive lamp or a stylish rug, even a big garage can be given a luxurious bathroom ambience. Even if it’s just for a photo …

Reducing our complex world to fundamental, manageable structures is a tried and tested survival strategy that provides aesthetic orientation as well. This purist approach finds expression in the kind of clear, unpretentious interior design that can be implemented perfectly with burgbad’s rc40 system. With just a few accents, like an attractive lamp or a gleaming surface with a piano-like finish, even a big garage can be given a luxurious bathroom ambience – and for many men, who love to combine the practical with the comfortable wherever they happen to be and hate being hampered by technical obstacles, that sounds like the definition of a dream come true.

So why not design a different kind of bathroom for a change? The complete rc40 modules can be installed more or less anywhere – even in the middle of the room. That’s because, by integrating the pre-wall and installation systems, the furniture range merges with the bathroom technology to form a single structural unit. The furniture is constructed on a steel skeleton and serves as the base unit, back panel, superstructure, side wall or countertop for the bathtub, washbasin, wall-mounted toilet, shower toilet – or even just the mirror. On top of that, the system offers a host of practical benefits such as ample, well-structured storage space, extremely variable dimensions and smart optional extras like the Crono storage door cabinet, which fits in seamlessly with the rc40 bathroom. Here, anyone can be his own architect.

Ironing out the wrinkles

Clever high-tech features are very attractive to men as well. In this case, the futuristic detail has to do with the surface of the countertop, which combines an attractive appearance and pleasant feel with some extremely practical easy-care characteristics: it’s extremely matt, there are no telltale fingerprints and it even forgives mistakes. Minor scratches, for instance, can simply be “ironed out” – and burgbad means that literally. While normal soiling can be removed with a microfibre cloth or a magic sponge eraser, in this case the “self-healing” countertop can be made to look like new again by heat-treating the scratch with an iron placed on top of a damp cloth. And it’s all thanks to an innovative nanotech material. The special panel made of latest-generation synthetic resins is hardened in an EBC manufacturing process and is exceptionally resistant not just to chemicals and water but to wear and tear as well.

A masculine aesthetic is very popular right now – and not only with men. Whether it’s a natural need or a learned cliché: men have their own tastes, geared towards projecting a strong profile by means of idiosyncrasies, contradictions and the occasional eccentric statement. Accordingly, men are willing to take chances when it comes to interior design as well. They couldn’t care less about boring harmony. Instead, they play with technology, like things to be neat and appreciate luxury where they need it: a comfortable tub or a spacious shower; a big washbasin without unnecessary frills but with a decent mirror and perfect lighting. And a cabinet where you can store your stuff and find it again when you need it. That’s all it takes. And if there’s a nice soft carpet underfoot, the rest shouldn’t actually matter, right?

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