World-class jazz musicians get the audience grooving at the burgbad factory

burgbad celebrates its 75th anniversary with the Trilok Gurtu Quartett feat. Frederik Köster.

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The Ruddies Foundation marks its 25th anniversary by supporting local heroes

To mark its 25th anniversary, the Ruddies Foundation is sponsoring a regional project that forms part of the “Local Heroes” Caritas initiative.

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Baumpflanzaktion von burgbad für mehr Nachhaltigkeit

Tree planting drive: burgbad reforests local land

During a tree planting effort in the Sauerland region, burgbad planted around 1,300 broadleaf saplings – copycats welcome.

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Bienenhonig von burgbad

Homegrown honey: burgbad and bees

In order to set an example in the fight against species extinction, burgbad has adopted two bee colonies on the grounds of its Bad Fredeburg factory.

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burgbad Kollektion rc40 als Männerbad

A black on-trend bathroom for men

What does a bathroom look like when it’s designed with men in mind? burgbad wanted to know and set up a bathroom specially for men – in a garage, naturally!

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