Es wird wohnlich: die 10 Trends im BAdezimmer

More than cosy: 10 furniture trends for the bathroom

The 10 most important trends for bathroom furnishing trends will continue to play a significant role in the design and use of bathrooms for the next five to 10 years.

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burgbad Badezimmer Trend Nachhaltigkeit

Trend 10: Bathrooms are sustainable

Sustainability is becoming the new benchmark for a brand’s attractiveness.

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Trend Badezimmer kleine Bäder

Trend 8: Small but stunning bathrooms

With compact bathroom furniture or clever elements, even small bathrooms offer great comfort.

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Badezimmer sind stylisch

Trend 7: Bathrooms are stylish

Decorative touches are becoming an integral part of the bathroom design.

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Trend 6: Badezimmer sind smart

Trend 6: Bathrooms are smart

Bathroom furniture creates a (lighting) mood – with smart (lighting) programmes.

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Trend 5: Badmöbel mit System

Trend 5: Bathrooms with a modular system

Bathroom furniture or a furniture system for the living room? Modular (bathroom) furniture is conquering the home.

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rundes Design burgbad Echo

Stunning all round

Circular, oval or organically curved: an up-to-the-minute styling trend for furniture and mirrors

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Badmöbel sind Wohnmöbel

Trend 4: Bathroom furniture is furniture for the home

Bathroom furniture that looks good anywhere in the house.

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burgbad Trend - Badezimmer sind individuell

Trend 3: Bathrooms are made to measure

Furniture is becoming increasingly individual – the bathroom as a bespoke suit.

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