Trend 8: Small but stunning bathrooms

Small bathrooms that are big on comfort and convenience
14. November 2022

The average bathroom in the German-speaking world measures nine square metres – which means that, often enough, the bathroom is actually considerably smaller. At the same time, nobody wants to go without the comfort and convenience of modern bathroom furnishings and features nowadays, especially if they live in a comparatively expensive urban environment.

That’s when it becomes apparent whether the stylish bathrooms on the pages of glossy magazines can actually be translated into smaller layouts too. As the experts know, small bathrooms are the premier league for bathroom furniture manufacturers, and specialists develop plenty of design options and storage space solutions for small floor plans as well.

A bird’s eye perspective shows how much space potential small bathrooms have and how balanced the solutions can be. With systems that can be sized to order, including the depth, asymmetrical designs (as in our Badu or Sinea 1.0 collections) and reduced-depth options for small bathrooms and long, narrow spaces, we provide solutions that satisfy even the highest standards of comfort and convenience. Many of the collections from our sys20 design line, for instance – like Bel, Crono, Essence, Orell or Cube – include reduced-depth models for vanity units and cabinets. And with the modular Lin20 collection, we’ve introduced a new depth for the typical “urban” bathroom: slightly less deep than standard but still spacious enough for day-to-day use.

Compact bathroom furniture or clever elements for small bathrooms

kompakte Badmöbel für kleine Bäder
Small bathrooms that are big on comfort.

Sometimes, however, all it takes to create storage space and functions with a special something, even in a small room, is one clever element: a wall panel like the one in the Fiumo collection, for instance, which can be equipped with boxes, shelves and towel holders, or a combination of full-length wall mirror and storage door cabinet. And with our modernly designed Fiumo, Eqio, Iveo and Junit ranges, we have complete collections with compact bathroom furniture and wide-ranging comfort features, as well as lots of individual options.

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