Sideboards & Co: decorative statement in the bathroom

Sideboard aus der Kollektion Lin20 des Systemprogramms sys20 von burgbad
The sideboard is the ideal sidekick for the vanity unit: In the same look but as a separate piece of furniture, a matching sideboard (here from the collection Lin20) is the perfect complement to the water-carrying vanity.
24. August 2022

Bathroom furniture is furniture for the home! Therefore we have a wide range of products for different tastes and budgets in our portfolio – from standalone furniture all the way to modular collections and custom-sizeable solutions. The portfolio contains a wealth of inspiration for anybody who wants a bathroom where they can store and display more than just a soap dish and a few towels. Minimalist and cool, Nordic and straightforward, upscale or natural – there’s one thing all this bathroom furniture has in common: style.

Modern bathrooms are furnished – after all, nowadays people want to have a little more time for themselves in their cosy retreats. Therefore our collections feature the entire spectrum of furniture typologies, from tall and mid-height cabinets all the way to dressers and highboards and from clothes hanging systems all the way to dressing rooms – not to mention shelves and consoles, storage benches and sideboards, standalone collections and modular systems. At the same time, bathroom furniture doesn’t just have to be particularly high quality to withstand the changing temperature and humidity levels, it has to be multifunctional as well. And there’s increasing demand for something else too: space for styling.

The versatile choice for cool bathrooms: the sideboard

Multifunctional storage space: The storage bench is probably the most inviting element of all in our Max range.

A sideboard, for instance, can take on many roles in the bathroom. Practical as well as decorative, it provides storage space for towels, organiser boxes and other items that vanish behind tambour doors or into drawers when not in use, and some models can even be equipped with tilt-out laundry hampers. At the same time, display surfaces and illuminated display cabinets serve as a stage for accentuating favourite books, vases, and other accessories and statement pieces and showing them off in the right light.

Even though they’re part of a furniture collection designed specifically for the demanding bathroom climate, sideboards, dressers, storage benches and furniture modules can also be placed anywhere in the room because, as a rule, they are not connected to the water supply. As a result, they can perform architectural functions too – as room dividers for makeup tables, sleeping areas or dressing rooms, for instance. Sideboards and display cabinets put the finishing touches to many of our bathroom furniture collections and are popular with professional bathroom planners as a highlight for the interior design.

Wanted: surfaces for styling the bathroom!

Console vanities are very much on trend and are a good choice for combining with sideboards and mid-height cabinet elements. The modularly structured rc40 furniture system brings a cosy, homely feel to the bathroom.

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a lifestyle space, with the result that decorating is playing a more important role as well. If the decorative objects are more than just ornaments and deliberately used as a standout design element, exclusive display surfaces are needed in the bathroom so as to stage them appropriately and show them off in the right light. But the first step is to have a big tidy-up and make all the little items that are used on a daily basis disappear into roomy vanity drawers and practical mirror cabinets. Only then can the really special things be staged in an atmospheric and stylish display.

Deco in the bathroom: a few attractive pieces of furniture and lots of creativity

Sideboard aus der Badwelt rc40 von burgbad
Vanity and sideboard as an airy, staggered ensemble that adds up to a flawless whole: The modularly structured rc40 furniture system provides countless possibilities for designing an individual bathroom.

Generously sized consoles, some even in solid wood, such as those we offer in combination with the matching bathroom furniture from its rc40 system or its custom-sizeable sys30 modular collection, as well as standalone pieces like sideboards or display cabinets, provide ideal platforms for presenting favourite pieces and precious objects.

Sideboards in particular are perfect for showing off decorative favourites like vases, candles and bowls, or baskets filled with attractively rolled towels. If the furniture doesn’t provide any suitable display surfaces, decorative items and accessories can be placed on the floor too: tall vases, a stack of magazines and coffee table books, a collection of pictures and mirrors leant against the wall or a row of plants that will thrive in bathroom conditions – adding a special touch can be as simple as that.

Different collections for your very own style

Aneinanderreihung von Siedeboards aus der Kollektion Lin20 von burgbad

Sideboards der Kollektion Lavo 2.0 von burgbad

Badmöbel zum Wohnen aus der Kollektion Max von burgnad

Whether straight-lined, dreamy or close to nature: our collections also bring out an own character in the bathroom. With a wide range of bathroom furniture, they offer sufficient choices for individual bathroom design. Our Lin20 collection, for example, brings a uniquely clear line to bathroom design. With wall-hung and floor-standing furniture in a decidedly simple, straightforward design, Lin20 consistently restrains itself visually and is also so versatile that it creates storage space of almost architectural quality.

With its extravagant solitary furniture, the Lavo 2.0 collection is probably one of our most elegant collections. The sideboards, for example, are a perfect complement to the washbasin and can be arranged well in staggered levels due to their low height and offer themselves as dressing tables and storage space for decorating. The Max real wood collection underlines the combination of modernity, tradition and craftsmanship. It is defined by the narrow profiled frame fronts and the integration of Viennese wickerwork. With Max, the topic of storage space plays a very large role – with furniture that would look just as good in the living area as in the bathroom.

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