Storage space: bathroom furniture helps keep everything neat and tidy

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Leichtgängige Schübe – mit oder ohne praktische Ordnungssystemene – wie beim HPL-Waschtisch in Marmoroptik unseres sys30-Programms lassen täglich gebrauchte Utensilien sanft herausgleiten und wieder verschwinden.
16. January 2023

New year’s resolutions don’t stop at the bathroom door. Once the festive season is over, it’s not unusual to realise that the bathroom is in urgent need of a good tidy-up again! It’s understandable, really: over time, we accumulate more and more personal bits and pieces, even though we don’t really use them on a daily basis. Because of the numerous different (and mostly quite small) things we keep there, the bathroom is at particular risk of being overtaken by chaos. And yet besides helping to make everyday life more efficient, the bathroom is also meant to serve as a retreat, as a place of relaxation for body and mind. But that calls for order and clarity. The bathroom furniture we make at burgbad is just what you need for that: for storing, organising, protecting or concealing anything you could possibly need in the bathroom – as well as for presenting your treasures!

The bathroom is a space with very specific functions. And the fact that it’s used on a daily basis by multiple members of the family means that different storage space solutions are required too. Towels, hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, tubes, pots, jars and toothpaste are often best kept in a fixed place. Medicines and the various things used in the shower or bath are often kept within easy reach too, usually on or near the washbasin or in a niche. The edge of the bathtub, the practical ledge created by pre-wall installations and the chronically overcrowded shelf under the mirror are popular choices as well. And in times when individualisation is trumps, every member of the family has their own shampoo, their own toothpaste with their own favourite taste and whatever else they need for their dental hygiene.

The annual decluttering ritual: there’s no time like the present!

Clean Bathroom with Equi from burgbad
Does your bathroom look this neat and tidy? No? A well thought-through storage space concept – like this solution with Eqio bathroom furniture – is a great way to help you stick to your new year’s resolutions!

The new year is a good opportunity to check whether care products are out of date, a toothpaste with a special effect has actually been used or the disinfectant is still needed. When there’s so much stuff in front of the mirror cabinet that switching the lighting on or opening one of the cabinet doors becomes a challenge, it’s definitely time for an update: the storage space needs optimising! And one thing is sure: in a cosy lifestyle bathroom, untidiness is the biggest enemy of the design principle – regardless of whether you’re a decoration fan, a feng shui enthusiast or a firm believer in the kind of minimalistic decluttering methods advocated by the likes of Marie Kondo. Or even if you just want to feel comfortable and content in a cosy bathroom.

Furniture for hiding, organising and staging

Mirror cabinet with ample storage space: rc40 from burgbad
Everything in view: our mirror cabinets – shown here with the rc40 system – are the perfect answer to keeping order in the bathroom.

Our furniture provides the ideal product solutions for the five storage space challenges in the bathroom: storage, organisation, protection, hiding and presentation. There are cabinets and vanity units with differently equipped pullouts, with or without drawer inserts and organiser systems. There are low, mid-height and tall cabinets with laundry hampers, interior drawers and container systems, with or without electrical outlets for lighting, hairdryers and so on. There are mirror cabinets with everything you could possibly need for the systematic organisation of everyday items. There are also collections featuring frame-based units with illuminable cabinets and drawers that can be positioned in front of the wall wherever required, as well as consoles with drawers that make an ideal makeup table.

Our portfolio even has solutions for creating entire walls of cabinets for individual spaces or dressing areas with abundant storage space. There are also cabinets with vertical pullouts and storage doors, which are equipped with a mirror and provide ample storage space for utensils in easily accessible compartments and drawers, even in the smallest of rooms. A steadily growing choice of reduced-depth storage furniture for compact urban bathrooms uses minimum space to deliver maximum comfort and convenience, and of course there are irresistibly beautiful illuminated display cabinets and units with a mix of closed and open shelves, add-on showcase elements or glazed drawer fronts for showing off your favourite pieces to perfection.

Storage: upgrade your bathroom storage space with an update

storage furniture Lavo 2.0 from burgbad
Bathroom furniture for storing, organising, protecting and hiding – but also for presenting treasures. The illuminated display cabinets from the Lavo collection provide a perfect stage.

With its roomy drawers, our bathroom furniture provides ample space and maximum convenience for storing textiles, towels and other items. Accessories for everyday use are always in easy reach in the large-format drawers, tall cabinets and sideboards from the various collections. The drawers glide back into their original position almost by themselves, the doors open and close smoothly and the necessary technical elements, like the basin trap, are kept as small as possible and integrated. Because at the end of the day, that’s a bathroom furniture specialist’s job: products that provide the maximum possible amount of beautifully packaged and well-organised storage space.

Organisation: drawers with added value

The basic strategy is to provide solutions for the storage and organisation of (small) things. Ideal organisation means that every item is allocated its own place. Our innovative dividers for drawers and cabinets structure the storage space and make it easier to keep systematic order in the bathroom. The top-quality inserts protect valuable accessories, make it easier to put things away in their proper place quickly and help make optimal use of the storage space. Various systems are available for the individual collections. In most cases, they can easily be integrated into existing furniture at any time.

Protection: no dust or humidity allowed!

Just as our bathroom furniture is made to withstand unusual temperatures and constantly changing humidity levels, the contents of the cabinets and drawers are largely protected from cold, heat, humidity and dust as well. Precise edges, minimised clearance and top-quality, adjustable hinges ensure the drawers and doors close completely.

The art of hiding: out of sight behind closed doors

As children, most of us learned the benefits of the concealment principle as a weapon for combating chaos. When you’re short of time, a large (and hopefully empty) cupboard is sometimes the last resort. The same principle can be used as a system for differentiating between presentable and less presentable bathroom items. Behind and sometimes even in the doors of our bathroom furniture (i.e. those equipped with storage systems), utensils big and small can be hidden away if they’re likely to detract from the general atmosphere of wellbeing. Laundry and less decorative accessories in odd shapes, sizes and colours can be placed in baskets and boxes or on shelves and conveniently concealed behind closed doors.

Presentation: bathroom furniture for decorative displays

The fifth and final challenge is also the most fun: a successful tidy-up doesn’t just clear enough space in the bathroom for all the personal items we use on a daily basis, it frees up space for presenting stylish accessories and seasonal decorations as well: a little vase of fresh flowers, a bowl for your favourite jewellery or a colourful scented soap. Display cabinets, the vanity unit, shelves or integrated niches all provide plenty of scope for decorative touches. And ultimately, the reward for the January decluttering campaign is a cosy lifestyle bathroom with plenty of room to breathe.

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