Real oak: solid wood consoles for a very special washbasin area

Airy, on-trend arrangements with a particularly natural look can be professionally implemented with the solid wood consoles from burgbad.
2. May 2022

Besides being popular in all areas of interior design right now, consoles are also a great way to create an individual and cosy look in the bathroom. With its solid wood console made of oak, we have a genuinely natural product in our sys30 range – a custom-sizeable solution for pros that’s a real hit with consumers. Because it doesn’t just look good, it’s sustainably produced as well.

Consoles are a very popular choice for bathroom designers because they open up new potential. When used as the supporting element for countertop basins, for example, they’re a great way to create airy, decorative arrangements. In addition, they allow custom-sized base cabinets and recesses to be incorporated into the design and can be used to integrate all the elements into a harmonious whole.

Every console is a one-off with an individual character

The “live edge” of burgbad’s solid wood consoles.
The “live edge” of burgbad’s solid wood consoles made of certified oak has a very appealing tactile quality.

Our new solid wood consoles don’t just look natural – they really are. The certified knotty oak used to make them is a natural product. As a result, every console is a one-off with a unique grain pattern and vivid structures, sometimes with lots of knots, sometimes with just a few. The rustic charm of the 40mm-thick consoles is underscored by the design: the simulated, softly contoured “live edge”, which imitates the slightly wavy cut edge of rustic planks, creates a particularly authentic look.

Besides the “solid honey oak” version launched last year, the solid wood consoles are now also available in a lighter shade by the name of “solid almond oak” – a perfect fit with airy modern arrangements. The surface of the “honey” option looks oiled and is only treated with clear varnish to protect it from moisture, leaving the original colour of the wood and the typical character of the oak visible to create an exceptionally authentic finish.

Made and sized to order

An authentic material in a natural design. Custom-sizeable and ideal for combining with a wide range of other products – like the mineral cast countertop basin from the sys30 collection seen here.

But our solid wood consoles aren’t just unique, they can be custom-made as well: the consoles can be sized to order in any length and depth starting from a batch size of one, for an industrially produced product made to individual specifications. When it comes to wood furniture, knowing that it’s reliably sourced is particularly important – and since 2014, our furniture has been made exclusively from PEFC-certified wood from sustainably managed forests.

The quality labels awarded to our collections also include the “Furniture Made in Germany” label of origin launched by the DGM (German Quality Assurance Association for Furniture) just two years ago, and the “Golden M”, the quality label of the German furniture industry that has been certifying the quality of burgbad products for 30 years. In addition, we have been implementing consistent sustainability management for years and has been climate-neutral as defined by the criteria of the DGM since 2016. As a result, burgbad became the world’s first-ever climate-neutral bathroom furniture manufacturer.

Consoles, cabinets and vanity units for an individually furnished bathroom

Solid wood consoles from burgbad from the sys30 system line.
The 40mm-thick consoles can be combined with a wide choice of base cabinets and countertop basins – seen here with a mineral cast sit-on basin, an illuminated mirror cabinet from the rl30 collection and a cabinet in Diago matt sand from burgbad’s sys30 collection.

Our custom-sizeable sys30 bathroom furniture range has everything bathroom planners could possibly wish for when it comes to implementing on-trend designs: consoles in various styles that can be used as airy, wall-mounted counters for sit-on basins; an extensive selection of custom-sizeable base cabinets that can be combined as required; and a wide range of vanity units in all sorts of shapes, materials and styles. Everything from the same manufacturer, the same range, with the same flawless look and feel.

For the consoles, sys30 offers both standard and made-to-measure solutions in a wide range of materials and finishes, even including a “self-healing” nanocoated surface. For particularly cosy effects, standard-sized consoles are also available with integrated and dimmable LED lighting that is controlled via a sensor switch.

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