Fiumo: a straight line to clarity

A collection of bathroom furniture with many faces: the finishes for the Fiumo collection from the sys10 range (shown here: soft matt ice blue and Cashmere oak) can be combined to create a blend of cool minimalism and cosy warmth.
1. December 2021

The new Fiumo furniture collection from our quick ship sys10 range combines timeless design with bestseller qualities: lots of design, great value for money and lots of options for individual combinations are the ingredients for a collection that’s an absolute all-rounder.

Fiumo’s design is as straightforward as its faces are varied: from cool and pragmatic all the way to sensuous and elegant, the new all-rounder range can blend in with any ambience to create an uncluttered look and a sense of sophisticated comfort, even in small bathrooms. Modern and timelessly minimalist in both its appearance and modularity, this addition to our successful sys10 entry-level segment brings a fresh, young style to the interior. On the other hand, the Fiumo collection is equally suitable for creating elegant and classic arrangements, especially when selected in muted shades. The range was developed in collaboration with designer Patrick Frey.

FiumFiumo: a range for many needs

burgbad Lieblingsbäder sys10 Fiumo Komplettprogramm
Clarity and straightforwardness are the dominant characteristics of the Fiumo collection by designer Patrick Frey. With smooth, matt finishes and a double-width mineral cast washbasin, Fiumo looks both clean and sensuous at the same time.

The Fiumo range includes vanity units in various standard widths consisting of a washbasin and cabinet with two wide pullouts, as well as two-door mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors with horizontal LED lighting in matching widths. The double-width unit can be selected with one or two taps.

A tall cabinet with three options for the front and a mid-height cabinet with a metal box integrated into the top provide compact storage space. The wall panel can be equipped with variable arrangements of towel rails and storage boxes, extending the modular range with a modern storage option that’s suitable for even the smallest bathrooms. As a result, Fiumo succeeds in covering the entire spectrum of usage scenarios with just a few elements: from small guest bathrooms to compact family bathrooms all the way to spacious luxury layouts.

Plain or bicolour: design that creates clarity

burgbad favourite bathrooms sys10 Fiumo collection with pleat-effect front
Subtle design element with tactile appeal: an optional pleat-effect front for the upper pullout adds an extra special touch to the Fiumo collection. The 3D grooved texture is milled into the front panel before being finished with thermofoil (seen here in soft matt ice blue).

Clarity and straightforwardness are the dominant characteristics of the design. With its matt finishes and understated wood effects in combination with the silky-soft feel of the mineral cast washbasin, Fiumo is subtly unobtrusive while nevertheless bringing its own distinctive aesthetic to the bathroom. Whether customers opt for neutral matt white, cool ice blue or elegant graphite grey – both with a soft matt finish – or prefer the warm wood effects of the Cashmere oak or Tectona cinnamon surfaces, Fiumo’s special brand of minimalism conjures up a surprisingly friendly, cosy ambience that is typical of designer Patrick Frey’s work.

But that’s not all: besides offering a variety of colours and finishes that can be combined to create bicolour effects, the Fiumo collection also includes an option with an unusual tactile quality: in addition to the smooth finishes, the upper pullout can also be selected in any of the available surfaces with a textured front featuring horizontal grooves. Nestling under the thin, slightly projecting edge of the washbasin, the 3D front looks as if it has been folded into pleats and creates an attractive play of light and shade. The slender long-line handles in matt white or black echo the subtle lines of the furniture.

Elegant organiser system and fluid lines

burgbad favourite bathrooms sys10 Fiumo collection organiser system
Cool and practical: the Fiumo collection from the sys10 quick delivery programme creates space and clarity all along the line: with drawer organiser, washbasin storage surface and shelves that hook into the metal railing under the illuminated mirror.

However, the texturing is more than just a decorative element that creates a pleat-like effect, it serves as a grid for attaching various accessories as well: the mounting of a metal rail that serves as a holder for towels and various storage containers can be clicked into the milled, thermofoil-finish grooves of the front panel, wall panel and pleated board under the illuminated mirror. As a result, all the pleat-effect fronts on the mirrors, pullouts, wall panels and cabinets can be equipped with additional functions to suit individual needs. The subtle play with lines and levels is echoed in the shape of the washbasin: the transition from the flat ledge to the bowl is fluid thanks to the softly sloping edge around the sides of the oval basin. This produces an attractive play of light and shade that evokes the contours of fine porcelain bowls. Patrick Frey’s sophisticated approach of translating lines into material and merging different levels looks as self-evident and natural as the name of the collection suggests: Fiumo is derived from “Fiume”, an Italian word meaning river or flow.

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