Living with colour – in the bathroom too!

Collage Farbauswahl von burgbad sys30
With a palette of 12 up-to-the-minute shades – champagne, mint, mustard, orange, antique pink, red, dark red, light green, green, light blue, night blue and black – designing a bathroom with burgbad’s modular sys30 collection becomes a riot of colour.
16. December 2021

Colours influence our mood and are real energy boosters, soul soothers and cool-down tools – especially in combination with light. Colours can make us feel as if we’re floating in mid-air or keep us grounded. And that’s why they’re very definitely part of the repertoire when it comes to modern bathroom design.

For some years now, a new willingness to embrace colour has been apparent in the world of interior design – first in the form of colourful walls, patterned wallpapers and textiles, and eventually in the form of colourful furniture too. The days when a sofa could only be beige or grey are well and truly over. Today we’re seeing sofas that invite us to take a seat or put our feet up on expanses of ochre, ultramarine, mint and other vibrant colours, brightly coloured kitchens that lift our spirits when we’re cooking, as well as shelving, sideboards and all sorts of occasional furniture that bring a splash of colour to our homes and lives.

These developments are increasingly true of the bathroom too. And to ensure its customers can add the right accents in this part of the home as well, burgbad has one of the most cutting-edge paint shops in the world and is always on the lookout for new, on-trend finishes and veneers. The choice of homely finishes is complemented by an annually updated selection of up-to-the-minute shades, and some collections can even be custom-produced in the entire spectrum of RAL colours.

Colour as a top trend in bathroom planning

sys30 collection Diago in trend colour acrylic black
With burgbad, it’s doesn’t take long to find what you’re looking for in on-trend black. There’s a choice of corresponding finishes for almost every collection – from matt black to black oak all the way to high-gloss black.

But colour isn’t just a conveyor of emotion, it’s a way to express individuality as well. And not only in living areas – colour is currently among the top trends when it comes to planning and renovating bathrooms too. At burgbad, we haven’t just accompanied this trend turnaround in the bathroom: right from the start, we’ve helped to shape it by coming up with new ideas and fresh impetus – from allover white to wood effects and real wood all the way to on-trend shades like matt black and soft matt ice blue. Even though white can still create a very smart and minimalist look, a wide choice of colour moods is available for today’s modern lifestyle bathroom.

Bold trend colours like dark green, orange, mint or even mustard yellow are bright and cheerful design elements and serve as inspiration for decorating the entire bathroom. But even black is an up-to-the-minute trend right now. The days when black furniture appealed almost exclusively to men are over. Especially in kitchen design, upmarket and elegant black is in vogue again as the dominant basic colour – a trend that’s finding its way into the bathroom too. But more neutral, muted shades like basalt grey or greige can also enhance the look of the bathroom and create an upmarket impression.

Colours bring a homely feel to the bathroom

burgbad Lavo 2.0 collection ensemble in basalt grey
The Lavo 2.0 collection – a blend of straightforward minimalism and charming mid-century style from the sys20 design line – creates special accents with trendy finishes like the matt basalt grey pictured here.

With our different collections and lines, we offer a wide range of top furnishing styles – from timeless elegance or youthful freshness all the way to classic purity. Our furniture collections offer something for virtually every want and need when it comes to colour as well, inspiring customers to act on their colour preferences. For our Fiumo collection, for instance, which is part of our quick ship sys10 range and has options for both large and small bathrooms, we offer five different finishes: Matt White, Matt Ice Blue, Soft Matt Graphite, and Cashmere oak and Tectona cinnamon wood effects. The fronts can either be selected in a single colour or combined for a bicolour effect.

The Fiumo bathroom can be given a particularly exclusive look with the innovative pleat-effect front, which can be used to add variety and an understated decorative touch to both the fronts of the tall cabinets and the upper pullout of the vanity unit. The 3D front features horizontal grooves, making it look as if it has been ironed into pleats – an upbeat look for a youthful feel. Fiumo might be minimalist in its design, but it’s definitely warm when it comes to charisma.

Lavo 2.0, on the other hand, is a master of versatility: it can radiate minimalist simplicity, conjure up a fresh Scandi style or even exude an authentic mid-century flair with dark wood-effect surfaces. In melamine and thermoform fronts, the collection offers a big choice of different finishes. And because the furniture can be combined with chrome-coloured or black long-line handles and aluminium feet, even the emphatically plain, monochrome finishes available for Lavo 2.0 can be used to create different colour effects.

Colour blocking or a wall of colour: Lin20 doesn’t do things by halves

burgbad Lin20 in colour blocking look
The pullout cabinets from the Lin20 collection can be used to create apparently seamless combinations and individual arrangements with a monochrome or colour blocking look. The continuous horizontal lines of the handleless design are the connecting element.

With flexible options for combining the cabinet modules in melamine, acrylic and lacquer finishes, the new Lin20 collection opens up a great deal of scope not just for simple, monochrome effects but for colour blocking with interesting combinations of colours and materials as well. Customers can choose from 11 standard colours, 12 trend colours (available in both matt and high gloss for the lacquer fronts) and 10 up-to-the minute wood-effect finishes. Lin20 is also one of the collections for which we offer customised production in RAL colours.

But Lin20 offers customers another special option too: the surfaces can be ordered with an ultra matt finish. All the colours from the lacquer spectrum, including the trend and RAL colours, can be ordered with an ultra matt coating. As a result, the bathroom furnishings can be adapted to their context and selected in an exclusive favourite colour – only the custom-sizable collections from the sys30 system offer greater scope for individuality.

MaßCustomised colours for a bathroom as individual as its users

burgbad sys30 collection Sana
The modular sys30 collection enables customers to create a cabinet that expresses their personality and individual preferences – in a choice of 60 finishes.

Especially when it comes to bespoke interior designs, it’s an unbeatable advantage when – as in the case of our custom-sizable, modular sys30 collection – there are no limits to the choice of colours available. Whether the goal is to create strong accents, bold contrasts, tone-on-tone arrangements, colour gradients, an upbeat mood or furnishings that merge with the architecture – anything is possible with the bold colour options and upmarket veneers available for sys30. In the sys 30 lacquer line, for instance, the entire range of bathroom furnishings can be custom-produced in any RAL colour – to suit the architecture, the interior design concept, special floors and walls or individual furnishings.

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