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Stunning all round

Circular, oval or organically curved: an up-to-the-minute styling trend for furniture and mirrors

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Jeannette Altherr: “is there anything more important than life itself?”

Jeannette Altherr talks about the complexity of the sustainability issue.

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A portrait of Jeannette Altherr: in search of what really matters

Jeannette Altherr’s successful collaboration with burgbad began with the Coco collection in 2016. A portrait.

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Mid-century style in the bathroom

Bathroom design is interior design – not less, but more.

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Designer Thomas Gerig

Thomas Gerig: “Badu is the first bathtub you can really relax in.”

First and foremost, a bathtub should promote relaxation and help relieve stress. In an interview with burgbad magazin, designer Thomas Gerig talks about the freestanding Badu tub he developed for burgbad.

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