Trend 2: Bathrooms are colourful

Living with colour as a conveyor of emotion and an expression of individuality – in the bathroom too.
4. May 2022

Colour is a top trend when it comes to planning new bathrooms, and from allover white to wood effects and real wood all the way to up-to-the-minute shades like matt black and soft matt ice blue, burgbad has been shaping the trend turnaround in the bathroom right from the start with new ideas and fresh impetus.

If used properly, white still gives the bathroom a very trendy, upmarket look. These days, however, more courageous bathroom users are opting for more trend-oriented colour concepts. A wide choice of colour moods is available for today’s modern lifestyle bathroom: (matt) black furniture is popular in all areas of interior design right now and often comes with a refreshingly feminine twist. You can’t really go wrong with greys, like basalt for instance, while bold trend colours like dark green, orange, mint or yellow in lots of different tones serve as bright and cheerful design elements and provide inspiration for decorating the entire bathroom.

Taylor made colours for a taylor made bathroom

Aneinanderreihung von Siedeboards aus der Kollektion Lin20 von burgbad
Living with colour as a conveyor of emotion and an expression of individuality – in the bathroom too.

Especially when it comes to planning a bespoke bathroom, it’s an unbeatable advantage when – as in the case of our custom-sizable, modular sys30 collection – there are virtually no limits to the choice of colours available. In the sys 30 lacquer line, for instance, the entire range of bathroom furnishings can be custom-produced in any RAL colour – to suit the architecture, the interior design concept, special floors and walls or individual furnishings. Which explains why we have one of the most cutting-edge paint shops in the world and is always on the lookout for new, on-trend finishes and veneers.

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