Trend 3: Bathrooms are made to measure

Furniture is becoming increasingly individual – the bathroom as a bespoke suit.
8. June 2022

In the bathroom, everything has to be just right: functionality, sustainability, safety, durability, the aesthetics, as well as the way individual user profiles are incorporated. In order to do justice to the complexity that involves, manufacturers with a holistic approach like burgbad are developing collections with lots of components that can be combined to suit individual wants and needs.

When it comes to customising, few areas of the furniture trade are as pioneering as the bathroom industry right now. With the number of design versions estimated at more than 290 million, made-to-measure production starting from a batch size of one is only possible with ultramodern digital logistics. Especially in small bathrooms, individualised components are essential for arriving at compelling solutions.

Manufacturers provide support for individually planned bathrooms

Furniture is becoming increasingly individual: the bathroom as a bespoke suit.

But it’s not just professional bathroom planners who are fighting for every centimetre – today the industry is helping building owners and renovators plan customised bathrooms too: besides bathroom furniture produced with millimetre precision, custom-sizable furniture systems and mineral cast washbasins are almost standard for us nowadays. It’s all possible thanks to boutique manufacturing on an industrial scale: to optimise our furniture collection, our offering even includes custom-cut ceramic washbasins with glazed and precision-rounded edges all the way round. Individuality is the order of the day when it comes to choosing finishes and colours for the furniture as well – almost anything is possible. Plus consoles or furniture elements that fit into any alcove and mirrors made to fit under any sloped ceiling.

Thanks to state-of-the-art materials, we can produce consoles, washbasins and panelling with their own unique marbling. And with the innovative rc40 room concept, it’s even possible to implement entire rooms or sections of rooms that are tailor-made for the architecture – including walk-in wardrobes, vanity units that are integrated with a wall or can be positioned anywhere in the room, makeup tables and island solutions. With our sys30 system, a collection of lines put together for optimal combinability, we have turned bathroom furniture into a bespoke suit once and for all. Besides being able to order the individual elements in custom sizes, it’s also possible to have the surfaces finished to suit individual colour preferences and order them in any RAL shade – for a bespoke cabinet in a bespoke colour.

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