Trend 7: Bathrooms are stylish

Decorative touches are becoming an integral part of the bathroom design.
18. October 2022

Today decorating is an integral part of interior design – no matter how minimalist the concept. Statement pieces, ornaments and furniture with lots of surfaces for displaying decorative items are a big trend in the interiors sector right now – and that goes for the bathroom too. Besides dressing up walls or jazzing them up with wall stickers, that can also take the form of creating a collage-like arrangement of bottles, lamps, bowls, mirrors or towels on shelves or the vanity unit. And the bathroom sideboard is the perfect piece for decorative bestsellers: it provides an ideal stage for showing off plants and vases, pots and jars to perfection.

That’s why many of our collections include side cabinets as storage solutions, some of them with open compartments. But open shelving elements integrated between cabinets are also a great way to use colour-coordinated towels and other accessories in a decorative way. The harmonious look of the shelves, cabinet and vanity unit creates a consistent overall effect in the washbasin area, especially if it provides a large display surface for decorative touches.

Bathroom friendly furnishings for a homely bathroom

burgbad Kollektion Lavo Ensemble in Eiche Dekor Mokka
Decorative touches are becoming an integral part of the bathroom design.

In collections like Lavo 2.0 or Yumo, there are even display cabinets, add-on elements and drawers with glass front panels that provide a stylish showcase for treasures and little utensils. The addition of a water-resistant rug, a comfortable armchair or an outdoor lamp is a great way to highlight an on-trend interpretation of the bathroom as living space. Changing decorations bring a breath of fresh air and a hint of lifestyle feeling to any bathroom – and reflect the changing seasons. Tip: Some of our collections – like Mya, Fiumo, Sys30, Lavo 2.0 and Coco – include matching occasional furniture and accessories.

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