Trend 4: Bathroom furniture is furniture for the home

Bathroom furniture that looks good anywhere in the house.
7. July 2022

A built-in cabinet or a freestanding piece? That’s a question that comes up increasingly often nowadays – not just when furnishing the living room but in connection with the bathroom too. burgbad anticipated the current renaissance of built-in furniture systems with innovative ranges like rc40 or Lin20 and offers solutions with a homely feel and fitted character, as well as modular solutions that permit rows of units.

However, freestanding furniture with no hint of the classic “bolted-to-the-wall” character often associated with bathroom furniture is a particularly attractive option when it comes to creating a cosy, homely atmosphere. We see freestanding bathroom furniture or walls of fitted units with a wide range of applications as two parallel concepts for achieving the same effect: sophisticated furniture that turns a space into a home and is flexible enough for a variety of uses. Because in future, the demand for cosy, made-to-last bathroom furniture will include the expectation of greater flexibility and mobility as well.

Bathroom furniture also for the living room

Bathroom furniture that looks good anywhere in the house.

The new, homely feel in the bathroom is inspiring us and our design specialists to new collections and usage options. Because if the quality of burgbad’s bathroom furniture is (at least) as good as that of classic living room furniture and its design is every bit the equal of what can be found on the high-end interiors market, why shouldn’t it be possible to use it in other rooms as well? And so the concept for cosy bathroom design has given rise to product ranges like the real wood Mya collection, which has been supplemented with various shelves and accessories to create a furniture series that can be used throughout the home, independently of what purpose the individual spaces serve.

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