Trend 9: Bathroom furniture that’s made to last

More responsible consumption: quality as a guarantee of a long life.
5. December 2022

Slow design is the current term for quality-based product development and sustainable consumption. It all started with saving water – but product longevity, good repairability and the idea of conscious consumption are important aspects of sustainability too. Today we’re very much aware of just how complex environmental protection and sustainability are, and attach just as much importance to enduring design as we do to energy management.

Given this background, quality is an ever more important issue when planning a bathroom. Because the bathroom can’t be compared with other areas of the home: the indoor climate varies constantly between cold and warm, damp and dry, and it’s cleaned more than any other room in the house. More than anything else, the constantly changing humidity levels subject the furniture to a constant stress test.

Real wood also works for bathroom furniture

Max from burgbad: made to last bathroom furniture from real wood

Bathroom furniture is specially designed to cope with these parameters, and our products satisfy all the criteria that modern bathroom furniture is expected to meet. With Max, our portfolio even includes a real wood collection that meets these quality criteria and consists of bathroom furniture that combines natural materials and quality workmanship with a modern, timeless look. Max embodies nostalgic modernity and translates the country style into a clear, honest and above all upmarket aesthetic of form that will stand the test of time.

When it came to developing Max, we also attached great importance to complying with the strict test criteria associated with the “Furniture made in Germany” label of origin, which are monitored by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification (RAL). Launched by the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) in 2020, the label guarantees that the development, assembly and quality testing of the certified products take place in Germany, that the quality-relevant manufacturing process mainly takes place in Germany and that the components primarily originate from Germany.

We are the first bathroom furniture manufacturer whose entire collection meets the demanding criteria for this quality label. Because the technology at our production facilities in Germany and France is highly sophisticated, every piece of furniture is made to order and we are confident of the quality our products deliver, our bathroom furniture comes with a five-year guarantee, starting from the date on the invoice.

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