Trend 6: Bathrooms are smart

Bathroom furniture creates a (lighting) mood – with smart (lighting) programmes.
15. September 2022

In the bathroom, smart technology is often associated with energy and water management. But the potential applications go much further than that. Take lighting, for example: thanks to the new options made possible by the combination of LEDs and smart controls, lighting is an aspect that’s now attracting a lot of attention from private and professional bathroom planners – and is therefore becoming a focal point of modern interior design concepts that aim not just to enhance the atmosphere but to bring new functions into the bathroom as well..

Just like in the classic interiors sector, furniture for the bathroom is increasingly being combined with accent lighting – as with our display cabinets, like those from the Yumo or Lavo 2.0 collections: an ideal option for showing treasures off to perfection. But our ideas for integrated lighting go much further than that: the rc40 modules based on an aluminium frame system and equipped with integrated LED ambient lighting don’t just stage the piece of furniture and illuminate the interior of the cabinet – they provide indirect lighting for the entire room as well.

And yet, even with all the new technology, the vanity unit remains the focal point of any contemporary lighting concept. Besides being the one place that requires a constant source of light at different times of day, it is also increasingly becoming the control centre from where the entire room is bathed in atmospheric light.

Smart mirror cabinet for a smart lighting

smarte Beleuchtung im Bad mit dem Spiegelschrank rl40 von burgbad
The right light for any time of day: rl40 Light I VC responds flexibly to the different lighting needs people have in the bathroom.

As a pioneer when it comes to smart mirror cabinets, we’ve set a new benchmark: the rl30 and rl40 Room Light mirror cabinets merge the furniture with the lighting and bring the bathroom and living space closer together than ever before. The effect of this innovative general lighting is very similar to that of natural light from the sky: it is bright, soft and glare-free – and thus provides attractive ambient light. The wall-mounted piece of furniture has the potential to supply entire rooms with atmospheric lighting.

With the individually programmable lighting scenarios, for instance, circadian lighting can be used to reinforce the natural feeling: the lighting systems integrated into the mirrors and mirror cabinets can be programmed to produce lighting that corresponds to our natural day/night rhythm. And then there are the new rl40 Light and rl40 VC (voice control) variants, which are designed for state-of-the-art convenience and operated either by means of an intuitive sensor (rl40 Light) or smart home technology (rl40 VC). The rl40 VC model can be integrated with smart home systems (connected via Zigbee Bridge) and controlled and enhanced via a smartphone/app, voice assistants or Zigbee-compatible switches (e.g. Philips Hue).The rl40 series is thus a prime example of how smart technologies can be used to communicate an emotional added value – including and especially in the bathroom.

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