Trend 5: Bathrooms with a modular system

Bathroom furniture or a furniture system for the living room? Modular (bathroom) furniture is conquering the home.
18. August 2022

Furniture has to adapt to people’s needs – and do so within a single life cycle. Because whether they’re students, patchwork families, singles who live on Mallorca, experts, urban nomads or remote workers: more and more people’s lifestyles call for mobility and flexibility. Life stories are less uniform than they used to be, and home furnishings are echoing this development.

As a result, built-in furniture (including as an integral part of the interior), multifunctional or mobile freestanding furniture and flexible furniture systems are coming into sharper focus again. Modular classics like the 606 shelving system that Dieter Rams designed for Vitsœ in 1960 are inspiring a new generation of design professionals to create innovative product concepts – like the RGB bathroom furniture system, a study developed for us by Stefan Diez.

When we set out to create complex collections that permit the highest possible degree of customisability, the boundaries between a furniture collection and a furniture system are fluid. Variability and extendability are what matters. That’s why we see great potential in the idea of furniture ranges that grow with and adapt to their users.

rc40: the furniture system from burgbad

Bathroom furniture or a modular system for the living room? Modular (bathroom) furniture is conquering the home.

Furniture systems can be used to create a consistent overall look that conveys a sense of order and hints at an underlying interior design concept. The architecture and furnishings become one. That effect can be created by bathroom furniture too – as we demonstrate with our rc40 room concept, an architectonic collection that has been extended continuously throughout the more than 15 years it has been in production.

The collection offers a huge choice of modular cabinets and units, from a sideboard with a sit-on basin to a space-making wall unit, from alcove solutions all the way to walk-in wardrobes. Individual modules that can be used to create an island in the middle of the space and aluminium frames that can be positioned in front of the wall and equipped with a variety of different furniture elements add the finishing touches. Besides being able to adapt to changing needs and spaces, the furniture systems also serve as a connecting element between the living area, bedroom and bathroom. Our furniture systems can be individually configured, extended, taken along when their owners move house, passed on.

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